EasyTape® and the EasyTaping® method were developed in collaboration by professionals in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

This innovation is the latest revolution in the field of functional taping. This concept builds on self-regulating and compensation principles. Supporting and relieving injured structures to integrate them again into movement, promotes primarily the healing process. EasyTaping® provides easy and functional tests so that the right application can be found quickly. 

EasyTape® stabilizes joints, alleviates pains, helps to reduce excess swelling, supports muscular control and facilitates the healing process in cases of injuries and painful sensations. EasyTaping® is based on the principles of physical therapy, kinesiology and osteopathy. The method combines neuro-reflective control with biomechanical motion control. EasyTaping® promotes the healing process, reduces the pain and is an important part of active therapy. Therapists and sport medicine specialists around the world are using this method successfully. EasyTape® is already the number one Tape in Switzerland and the Netherlands. The different application techniques are simple and quick to acquire, they make it easy to use the tape in treatment, sports and of course at home.

In the past non-elastic tape was used to support athletes and stabilise their joints.

The Kinesiotaping method, developed in 1971 by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase, worked successfully with elastic tape for the first time. Since 1998 Kinesiotaping is also practised in Europe. The use of elastic tape made new applications possible. This method found more and more users in therapy as well as in sports.